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The Chamber of Commerce is a unique business representative organization. Your business gains a significant advantage for partnering with the Chamber through participation in our programs and events, which provide networking, educational avenues, and strengthens your leadership skills.

The Chamber is the only leading business organization partnering with over 750 companies, representing over 20,000 employees, and is the driving force behind the development of Stillwater. We build business through educational programs and establish connections while representing your business at the local, state, and federal level.

Receive exclusive business exposure as a Preferred Member for an additional $100 to your Chamber membership. In addition to the great marketing opportunities offered through the Chamber, Preferred Members will receive a complete membership contact mailing list, a $50 discount on any Chamber advertisement, and your business logo and description featured on the Chamber website and Quarterly newsletter.

Read the Membership Manual, your go-to for everything guide to all things chamber.

General Investment Rates

The bigger your business, the greater impact our activities have on your business. Membership investment is based on number of full-time employees or capacity of business conducted. 


Business and retail membership rates are based upon the number of individuals employed with your company. Two part time employees equal one full-time employee. Membership applies to physicians, accountants, attorneys, realtors, insurance agents, and financial planners.

1-5 Employees $275
6-10 Employees $293
11-25 Employees $380
26-50 Employees $525
51-75 Employees $671
76-100 Employees $815
101+ Employees $277 + $6 per employee


$125 (Under existing business partner)

*The base business investment includes two professionals. This affiliate category allows an affiliate partnership for each additional professional who would like a separate listing. Investment allows you to include your business or organization affiliation after your name.

Community Investor

$125 (Individual not associated with a business)

*This membership caters to retirees such as clergy, educators, military, or individuals not actively involved in a business operation. This partnership does not include listing of business/profession in publications or advertising in Chamber publications. Your chamber partnership is 94% tax deductible.


$237 + $0.50/seat
$125 + $0.50/seat for each additional location doing business with the same name

Hotel, Motel and Bed-&-Breakfast

$237 + $3/room

Apartments and Manufactured Home Sites

$237 + $1/unit

Financial Institution, Bank and Credit Union

$227 + $25/million dollars in local deposits annually

Non-Profit Organization

25% off of business schedule

Junior Membership

$50 (OSU student not associated with a business)

Why You Should Partner with Us

"Being a member of the Chamber has introduced us to so many wonderful people. Our fellow chamber members never cease to amaze us with their support and friendship. We thank each of them for all they do for us as a business, and, more importantly, what they are doing to better our wonderful community."

Matt Sullins, Stonecloud Patio & Taproom

"One of my favorite quotes: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful, I am so proud to be a member of the Stillwater Chamber."

Kristi Wilhelm, Cornerstone Caregiving

"As a chamber member, you gain access to an influential network that allows you to forge connections, champion your cause, and unite people in support of critical endeavors such as the efforts of Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services."

Lelani Mooreland, Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services

"The Stillwater Chamber was instrumental for me to get connected in the business community when I moved back to Stillwater. Since joining, I got my name out, went from Member to Committee Chair, but more importantly, I made many key friends I would not have otherwise."

Bryan Langford-Loftis, Loftis & Wetzel Insurance

"Invest in your business by getting involved in the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce! It is a great avenue for networking and making connections with other local business owners, potential clients, and key decision-makers in the community, plus it drives our city's economic development and advocates for local business growth and retention!"

Kendra Burtrum, Stan Clark Companies

"My membership and participation in Chamber events has opened doors that I would have never had opened. The programs offered have given me knowledge and insight into how to be the best business person I can be. Our membership also introduces our business to others and gives us opportunities to support our community with economic growth and business development."

Terri Collier, BancFirst

"Being a Chamber member has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with professionals across all spectrums of business. I had no idea there was such a fantastic business community in Stillwater!"

Austin Pollard, RCB Bank

"I value being a chamber member because I love Stillwater and I want to see Stillwater be the best community that it can be. If I have the ability to contribute to that in any way I am going to
be there. As a citizen I see that as my civic duty."

Jim Rutledge, Community Investor

Thank You to Our Chamber Partners!